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back from a month-long tour of Europe (January 2- 28, 2014) full of harrowing travel tales, injuries and sickness, yet PLENTY of musical camaraderie, food, beverage and GREAT TIMES to balance things out! THANKS TO FELLOW PIANISTS Lluis Coloma for an excellent week in and around Barcelona with his rhythm section Manolo Germain (upright bass) & Marc Ruiz (drums); Patrick Smet in Belgium for hospitality and good conversations; Renaud Patigny for inclusion at his festival in Cambrai, France, and to organizer Lionel Ovadia for making me a part of his 16th annual boogie event in Massy-Paliseau, France...performed three nights in Paris @ Caveau de la Huchette with dear friends The Paris Blues Band (Anthony Stelmaszack, Thibaut Chopin & Simon "Shuffle" Boyer), met up and played with old pals Axel Zwingenberger, Fabrice Eulry, Silvan Zingg, Jean-Paul Amouroux, Mike Sanchez, Mr. Boogie Woogie, Boogie Phil and Ilias Scotch PLUS met new piano friends Joja Wendt, Victor Puertas, August Therrats, John Allair, Paul Mac Bonvin, Nick Von Der Leyen, Luca Sestak, and brilliant 13 year old Lucien's a big beautiful boogie woogie family over there!

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MANY THANKS to Howard Stone, founder of VAIL JAZZ and his conscientious staff, the outstanding rhythm section of Mark Diamond (upright bass) & Jay Forrest (drums), attentive guests and gracious hosts

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