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RICKY NYE & THE PARIS BLUES BAND - RICKY NYE (piano/vocals) with ANTHONY STELMASZACK (guitar); THIBAUT CHOPIN (upright bass) and SIMON "SHUFFLE" BOYER (drums)- "You Must Be Foolin'" recorded by Arnaud Desprez @ CAVEAU DE LA HUCHETTE- Paris, France January 26, 2011

RICKY NYE with MANOLO GERMAN (upright bass) and MARC RUIZ (drums) @ the Fifth Annual Blues and Boogie Reunion - “Going To Cincinnati” and “Down The Road Apiece” -Terrassa, Spain January 8, 2009

RICKY NYE INC. is RICKY NYE; CHRIS DOUGLAS (upright bass); PAUL ELLIS (drums) with GEORGE BEDARD (guitar) & BRIAN “BOSS” HOGG - recorded The Southgate House Revival (Newport, KY) @ The Seventeenth Annual Blues and Boogie Piano Summit - November 5, 2016

RICKY NYE plays “Chattanooga Choo Choo” @ Pianola Museum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands - August 25, 2014​

RICKY NYE plays “The Fives” @ Pianola Museum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands - September 14, 2018

RICKY NYE & SUGAR BLUE - 2008 Cincy Blues Fest after party- Cincinnati, OH - filmed by pianist Chase "oh man" Garrett- cameo by Eden Brent- an impromptu musical encounter 

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