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tales from shows in Switzerland (and days off in France):

FIRST STOP: Lausanne, Switzerland (near Geneva) for a concert organized by FABRICE EULRY @ SALLE PADEREWSKI: PIANO BLUES BOOGIE EN ROMANDIE featuring myself, Fabrice with clarinetist JACKY MILLIET and fellow pianist LLUIS COLOMA from Barcelona, Spain- gorgeous theater and fantastic audience SECOND STOP: Burgundy, France four peaceful days off to spend with Fabrice and his family in the beautiful countryside THIRD STOP: Uster, Switzerland (near Zurich) for 2. INTERNATIONAL BOOGIE NIGHT @ STADTHOFSAAL USTER organized by brilliant young pianist CHRIS CONZ- also featuring STEFAN ULBRICHT, CHRISTOPH STEINBACH & SILVAN ZINGG (all kings of the piano!)- killer rhythm section of NUNO ALEXANDRE (upright bass) and MARIO VAN HOLTEN (drums), special guest guitarist GARY SCOTT and swing dancers JAN & YANNYNA plus SWING 4 JOY...sold out show, lovely venue, another stellar audience and one of the VERY BEST after parties I've ever attended...WOW!!!

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MANY THANKS to Howard Stone, founder of VAIL JAZZ and his conscientious staff, the outstanding rhythm section of Mark Diamond (upright bass) & Jay Forrest (drums), attentive guests and gracious hosts

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