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  • Ricky Nye


back from three action-packed weeks in FRANCE! FIRST STOP: PARIS- a weekend performing with blues and jazz legends ENZO MUCCI (upright bass) & FRANCOIS FOURNET (guitar), then afterwards sitting in each night with the illustrious DREW DAVIES RHYTHM COMBO @ CAVEAU DE LA HUCHETTE...then three nights back @ CAVEAU DE LA HUCHETTE with THE PARIS BLUES BAND (Anthony Stelmaszack- guitar; Thibaut Chopin- upright bass/harmonica; and Simon "Shuffle" Boyer- drums)... SECOND STOP: MONT DORE en AUVERGNE for the four day VOLCANIC BLUES FESTIVAL with THE PARIS BLUES BAND (w/ very special guest ABDEL B BOP- upright bass)- met OUTSTANDING acts such as JUMPIN' TO THE WESTSIDE (hip young geniuses); BAD MULES, YANN COLE, JERSEY JULIE- also played a set wih BLUES DE PARIS (Enzo, Francois, Anthony & Simon, with vocalist Gabi Schneider)... THIRD STOP: PARIS- played with piano friends FABRICE EULRY, JEAN-PAUL AMOUROUX & KENNY "BLUES BOSS" WAYNE at PETIT JOURNAL (St. Michel), CAVEAU DE LA HUCHETTE and the LIONEL HAMPTON CLUB respectively

FOURTH STOP: TOULOUSE to play for fellow pianist PHILIPPE LEJEUNE's JAZZ AU MERCURE series with the gifted team of VICTOR IBANEZ (upright bass) & JOSE FILLATREAU (drums)...

happy to be there and happy to be home- more adventures in five weeks when I'm heading to SWITZERLAND...

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